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A community for development and installation professionals in the solar industry

About The Principal Solar Institute

The Principal Solar Institute is an association of researchers, investors, developers, installers and manufacturers dedicated to advancing the solar energy industry. The Institute was created by Principal Solar, Inc., and is not affiliated with any module or system component manufacturer.

We believe that mainstream adoption of photovoltaic solar energy is imminent, and will play a vital role in the utility-scale power industry. We also believe that mainstream solar power is about knowledge. The Principal Solar Institute is dedicated to spreading solar knowledge to the critical stakeholders in the ongoing energy debate.

  • Principal Solar, Inc.When solar professionals know more about different technologies, finance structures and policies they can offer better, more valuable solutions to their customers.
  • When finance professionals know more about solar’s long-term financial benefits and low-risk nature, they can offer better, more valuable solutions to solar professionals.
  • When policy makers and utilities know more about solar’s value proposition and utility benefits, they can offer better, more valuable solutions to their rate payers.

Our Mission

  • Activate the connections needed to focus and solidify the diverse solar energy community
  • Advance the solar energy education and knowledge of those inside and outside the industry
  • Inspire and energize the positive urgency required to rapidly shift the world to solar energy sources
  • Collect and disseminate the information necessary to accelerate the inevitable adoption of mainstream solar

Our Strategy

  • Build a technology-agnostic Solar Industry Information Clearing House
  • Create and sustain the industry’s first unbiased, comprehensive PV Module and System Ratings at no cost to the public
  • Nurture an engaging, dynamic solar energy learning community through Webinars, Videos, and Whitepapers

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