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Rushton Atlantic, LLC

A valuation consulting firm for renewable & conventional energy

Rushton Atlantic is a valuation consulting firm focusing on renewable & conventional energy, manufacturing, transportation and infrastructure, whose services facilitate financing, investment and insurance of assets in those industries.

Rushton Atlantic is a member of Rushton Partners Group and sister company of Rushton International Ltd., a leading UK appraisal firm with a rich 150-year history.

Based in New York and Chicago, Rushton Atlantic is managed by Ken Kramer and Rick Meyer, previously the founding partners of the leading global structured finance valuation practice for equipment, facilities and infrastructure assets. With over 50 years of combined experience in valuation and banking, this management team brings to bear broad industry exposure, independent judgment and a history of successfully advising financial services professionals on sophisticated valuation issues.

Rushton Atlantic can call upon the combined capabilities of its UK colleagues and US staff to provide the global valuation expertise to serve market sectors including structured and secured finance, insurance and infrastructure, with appraisals of all major asset classes. Our valuations support financing and investment, insurance placement, tax analysis, financial reporting and litigation.

As with any professional services business, we understand that clear, consistent communication and timely response are key components of enduring client relationships. We offer complimentary consultations and develop a thorough understanding of the client’s objectives, schedule and resources before recommending a course of action on a given engagement. We realize that the ability to interact effectively and efficiently with multiple parties in the course of a project can be a major component of client service. Our experience in collaborating with attorneys, accountants, lenders, investors and insurers — as we



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January 17, 2012 12:36pm





  • Ken Kramer

    Managing Director and co-Founder
    Rushton Atlantic, LLC
    New York, NY

  • Rick Meyer

    Managing Director
    Rushton Atlantic, LLC
    New York, NY