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SOLON has become one of the most innovative and reliable companies in the entire sector thanks to its focus on solar modules and technology ranging from roof systems to full-scale power plants. With its subsidiaries in Germany, Italy, and the US, SOLON is now a truly global service provider in the field of solar power.


  • SOLON Mounting Technologies

    Whatever the area, SOLON has a solution for your PV system needs.

    • Rooftop Solutions
    • SOLON Tauri: Complete PV system single-axis tracker
    • SOLON Mira: Fixed-Tilt Solution for PV Power Plants
    • Shade Structure
    • Special Solutions

    More Information » www.solon.com/us/commercial-rooftops/MountingTechn…

  • SOLON SOLquick

    Revolutionizing rooftops, SOLON SOLquick’s innovative design for flat roofs integrated the solar module and mount into one unit for a fast, easy and tool-free installation. Frameless modules are installed on the unit an an inclination of 10 degrees to ensure maximum area and energy optimization. The unique flat-roof system is suitable for all roof types with a carrying load capacity of less than 2.8 lbs psf.

    More Information » www.solon.com/us/products/SOLquick

  • SOLON Andromeda: Intelligent Power Plant Design

    SOLON Andromeda is an innovative system using a modular approach for power plant design.

    The individual components no longer have to be laboriously designed for each individual project , but rather their interaction and compatibility have already been exhaustively matched and tested, combining them into turnkey units for maximum performance. These 1 MW clusters, the SOLON Andromeda building block, can be scaled up to any power plant size, and can also still be adapted to individual site conditions. That saves time and money.


    More Information » www.solon.com/us/power-plants/Andromeda

  • Project Services: Commercial Systems and Utility Scale Power Plants

    From start to finish SOLON manages your project with experience and guarantees.  With over 250MW of systems installed worldwide, and over 1GW of modules producing power, SOLON provides the know-how to complete your project on-time and on-budget.

    • Project Development
    • Engineering, Procurement & Construction
    • Operation & Maintenance
    • Energy Management Services

    More Information » www.solon.com/us/commercial-rooftops/Services

  • Investments

    All the benefits of solar, no upfront costs.
    SOLON hosted installations.

    More Information » www.solon.com/us/investments


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