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Solar Product Development (Taking Great Ideas into a Profitable Reality) With Tom Ortman (a #SolarMOOC Lecture)

Thursday, June 27, 2013 5:00pm – 6:00pm EDT  
Host: SolPowerPeople
By: Tom Ortman

How do you take your idea from a napkin sketch out to volume manufacturing?

This MOOC (will take a brief look at what it takes to move from a great idea into a fully developed and profitable product. We will cover the entire product development cycle but will provide somewhat greater focus on the technical aspects of engineering through manufacturing. We will use real world solar products for an in-depth case study. While focused on solar products, the same general outline may be applied to any mechanical, electro-mechanical product development effort.


Tom Ortman

President & CEO, Concurrent Design, Inc.

Tom Ortman is a Mechanical Engineer, working in Commercial and Industrial Product Development for his 35 year career. He worked for companies like Siemens and IBM in his early career, before founding Concurrent Design. In his twentieth year guiding Concurrent Design, Tom has worked for start-ups through Fortune 500 clients. He counts well over 1,600 projects at Concurrent Design, starting in electronics and moving into semiconductor technology, solar energy and clean technology. Concurrent Design routinely works in the full continuum of the product development world from ideation through high volume production.

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