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Combining PPAs and PACE: The Path to Commercial Solar Prosperity

Tuesday, August 13, 2013 1:00pm – 2:00pm EDT  
Host: Principal Solar Institute
By: Yann Brandt, Executive Vice President of Development, Demeter Power Group

Hear Yann Brandt, Executive Vice President of Development at Demeter Power Group and publisher of the popular and informative daily SolarWakeup (sign up for FREE at SolarWakeup.com), provide unique insight into combining PPAs and PACE for optimum solar project benefits. Be sure to attend this webinar so you can participate in the live Question & Answer session that will follow Yann’s presentation.


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Yann Brandt

Executive Vice President of Development, Demeter Power Group

Yann is the Executive Vice President of Development for Demeter Power. Demeter Power, through its innovative PACE3P financing platform, invests in distributed clean energy projects. PACE3P combines the powerful tools of energy services contracts like PPAs, leases, and shared savings contracts with PACE financing. Yann oversees the group’s development relationships contractors, developers and industry associations. He also publishes a daily, widely subscribed-to solar energy news brief on SolarWakeup.com.


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